Struct di::Scope [] [src]

pub struct Scope<T> {
    // some fields omitted


impl<T: Any> Scope<T>

fn from_any_instance(obj: AnyInstance, childs: Vec<Box<Any>>) -> Scope<T>

fn explode(self) -> T

fn lock<'a>(&'a mut self) -> LockResult<MaybeMutexGuard<'a, T>>

fn get_instance(&self) -> &Instance<T>

Trait Implementations

impl<T> Send for Scope<T>

impl<T> Sync for Scope<T>

Derived Implementations

impl<T: Debug> Debug for Scope<T>

fn fmt(&self, __arg_0: &mut Formatter) -> Result

Formats the value using the given formatter.