Enthusiast of:

  • Computers doing smart things so that humans need not to

    Programming languages that let humans express intent more clearly, therefore allowing them to concentrate on important things instead of chasing another issue that automatic check could have prevented. Current favourite: Rust

  • Connecting people and technology

    The systems we build are slowly becoming the extension of humanity, living in a symbiotic relationship. They are the connection over which our minds gain control of the matter. We should focus on making this connection seamless, powerful, trustworthy. Connecting minds to the real world at TRAFI, urban mobility startup

  • Learning and teaching

    Learning is today’s alternative to exploration, but instead of the real world, we are the explorers of knowledge and ideas. And then we tell others about our adventures in our blog posts, or tread the new paths in our tutorials over the unknown landscapes, so that it is easier for others to go even further. Currently I am learning electronics, exploring the possibilities of Rust and teaching what I can about it.